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Air Freshener 3pk | STR, LM, WTR

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Freshen up your personal space with a true pop culture icon, the Kool-Aid Man! This 3-pack air freshener set will leave your home, car, and office areas smelling pleasant. 

  • Strawberry air freshener (1)
  • Lemonade air freshener (1)
  • Watermelon air freshener (1)

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Oh, yeah! Freshen up your personal space with the fruity-flavored aroma of Kool-Aid. Inspired by the iconic packets for the flavored drink mix, this air freshener set has three unique fragrances and designs. The colorful graphics resemble the current packaging for the powdered drink, which will provide your space with a nostalgic flair. Each of the air fresheners feature a durable elastic string, allowing them to be easily displayed and hung up wherever needed.
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